Friday, December 17, 2010

Living After Rape

LAST NIGHT I HAD THE STRANGEST DREAM (thank you Joan Baez)(thanks to the composer, Ed McCurdy)

And from whatever or wherever the creative inspirations dwell, they rose up to force unequivocal action. It’s not as if I haven’t filmed this piece a million times. My minds-eye is an amazing camera. It is true though, that the piece has run only in my own head and heart. Having recently been asked about my deepest heart’s desire seems to have tapped the wellsprings of my ability to face my own fears, thank them and move forward.

This work needs to be in the world. And I know this. DO YOU WANT TO HELP ME MAKE THIS HAPPEN?

I seek people with an interest in working with me to craft a documentary film: LIVING AFTER RAPE. At this stage, I want to hear from people with a passion for the subject AND a passion (skills) for any and all aspects of documentary film-making. First we put together a cohesive ensemble group. Then we make the work. At this point there is no money for this film. Judging by the response, I imagine there will be at some point. But there are no guarantees. Only an enormous hope (and confidence) that this documentary will be completed and seen.

Please only reply if you are for real. If you respond, and you are legit, you will receive an email back. We will set up a time to talk by phone and assuming you are genuine, a time for a meeting will be set up.

The film-maker (me) is a survivor of three violent rapes, a psychotherapist treating trauma survivors for 25 years and a writer/artist/filmmaker.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to participate in the making of this important work.

SEEKING 3 (!) population groups of people who are willing to be film interviewed, either openly or anonymously: (1) People who have lived through rape. (2) People who love people who have lived through rape. And (3) People who have raped.

Please feel free to pass this information along. We need a wide variety of ages and ethnicities. If you have any suggestions for additional places I might post my search for interview-ees, the information will be deeply appreciated.

The story of the ‘AFTER’ lies hidden in a cultural denial so deep that many people who have lived through these events feel (and often are) invisible. If the hurt-ers, the hurt-ees, and the loved ones of both, all knew two important things, these crimes might not be perpetrated:
1. The ramifications of the events exist whether acknowledged or not. AND without the stories and a validating environment to receive them, the adaptations to these stories pass genetically down through the generations (Epigenetics).

 2. The scars, the wounding, and the subsequent skills required to craft a life in the ‘AFTER’ between the hurt-ers, the hurt-ees and the loved ones of both -- once the initial event has been lived through -- are uncannily the same.
I have written many pieces that all started with the same song: ‘Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream’. This time, this wonderful song catalyzes a film.


Thank you.

Andrea Bredbeck

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